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Thank you, Home Sweet Earth Home.
I would like to order the following items:

01. Earth Home Plan Packets ($35.00)
02. Sample Earth Home Plan Set ($99.95)
03. Custom Earth Home Design at $2.95 per Square Foot (include a 1/3 downpayment and a floor plan sketch and we can get started)
04. For Numbers 01 and 02, please add $3.50 shipping
05 Ohio Residents, add 6.25% Sales Tax
Total Amount Enclosed __________
City, State, Zip  
Work Phone  
Home Phone  

Please print this form and mail back with payment.  All prices are in US Dollars.   All orders will be filled within two weeks.  Email to notify us that your order is on its way for faster service.  Thank You.

Make checks payable to Rick Ohanian and send payment to:

Rick Ohanian, Earth Home Master
Home Sweet Earth Home
38-1/2 E. 12th Avenue
Columbus, OH  43201
(United States of America)